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We offer support to anyone caring for a family member or friend, at home or in the community.
adult carer
Adult Carer
adult carer

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Although caring can be deeply rewarding it can also be time-consuming, emotionally draining and physically tiring. Being an unpaid carer can prevent you from: having time to yourself;to look after your needs; to access work or further education. We are here to help carers deal with the challenges they face and to maintain a quality of life around caring. We support carers living in Solihull or who care for someone who lives in the borough.

Who is an unpaid Carer?

Many carers don’t realise that they are carers, they often think that they are just looking after family or a friend, it’s what they should do or is expected of them. If you care unpaid, for a family member or friend who couldn’t manage without your help, you are probably a carer. You could be caring for a relative, partner or friend who Couldn’t manage without your help due to their care needs.
adult carer
Adult carer
adult carer
adult carer
adult carer

Parent carers

We are one of the few areas that offer support to parent carers. Our dedicated support planning service for parents will enable you to take a step back, look at your caring role and explore and access support that is personal to you and the areas of your life that might be affected by caring.

Our support for carers

Carers Assessments and Support Plans

This free service is all about getting you the help you need; it is a supportive process, where our staff will listen to you without judgement and will support you in the best possible way. You will have the chance to discuss your caring role and find out what help is available and how to access it. The support plan produced will identify the needs from the assessment and plan what is needed and how this can be done. For some carers it is a much needed lifeline as it puts their needs on track.

​​Support Work

Although caring can be deeply rewarding, it can also consume a lot of time and energy emotionally and physically. Support Workers are available to help and advise you.

​​Training delivered in person and online

We listen to what our carers need and want and design training that accommodates this The programme It is reviewed regularly and carers registered with us are encouraged to feedback on what we offer and make suggestions. We deliver training covering everything from contingency planning, wills and power of attorney and first aid.

​​Events and Activities

It is important for carers to have a break from caring. We offer a range of events and activities which provide much needed time out for carers. The range on offer is based on what carers say they would like so we deliver everything from relaxation sessions to trips to national trust properties and days out to the seaside. The person you care for can also attend some of the activities. Please refer to our online calendar to find out more.

Our trained befrienders are here for you.

Befrienders are friendly and non-judgmental, ready to listen and help. This service is an opportunity for you to have a regular check in with a matched volunteer to talk about anything on your mind. Befrienders can help you achieve personal goals, source local activities and help navigate services. They can also support you to build confidence and skills or just give you the time to be heard.

carers stories

There are around 7 million carers in the UK. That’s one in ten people. And three in five people will be carers at some point in their lives. Here is a selection of stories from carers sharing their experiences of caring. If you’re a carer and would like to share your story please contact us.
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What is it like to be a carer?


Parent Carers Story, Amy

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What does it mean to be an unpaid carer?

An unpaid carer is anyone looking after a family member, friend or neighbour who needs help. They might have an illness, disability, physical or mental health problem, or addiction. A carer does not need to be living with the person they care for. Anybody can become a carer at any time in their life. Someone can be a carer for more than one person at a time. Carers can be any age, from young children to older people.

What can you do for me as a carer?

We recognise that all carers are unique and your caring role will also be unique. We offer a range of support services that you can access. You can have an assessment, support over the phone, talk to a befriender, attend our events, activities or training. This support is totally up to you to take part in. you will also be issued a carers card that will help others understand you are a carer. It can also be used in an emergency and to get into local places for free or at a reduced cost. .

What help can I get for the person I look after?

We only support unpaid carers registered with us, we don’t support the person you look after however, we will be able to signpost and give you information to access services that can help.

How do I plan for an emergency?

What is planning for the future when you have a caring role? How can you start preparing for your loved ones if you can no longer offer support yourself? We offer Contingency Planning, a workshop or one-to-one session that will give you key practical information and guidance to create a personalised plan that suits and fits your needs. This will be invaluable if you were unable to continue your caring role on a short term or long-term basis.

Will you share my information with someone else?

We will never share identifiable information without your consent, including names, contact details, bank details or medical information. The only exception to this would be if somebody is at risk of significant harm to themselves or others, or if a crime is committed.

We are funded to carry out Carers Assessments on the behalf of Solihull MBC. If you request an assessment your information will be stored on the social services database.

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